Agile Project Delivery

Agile delivery across complex projects and programmes that deliver value to you and your organisation


Let's get your Agile project delivery started

  • Whether you need expert help in getting started, or you're in full swing and need some extra pairs of hands, we're here to help.

  • We listen to your your requirements in order to find the Agile delivery experts that you need. We will take on risk, and support you in managing your outcomes through to completion.

  • We're highly skilled in digital development, and can offer completely flexible models that are right for you.

Why Reed Professional Services

We deliver bespoke agile digital and business transformation projects tailored to your specific needs. We build a partnership with you, deploying the right people, technology and process to ensure successful outcomes. With our project assurance and delivery outcome approach, we take risk away from and ensure your projects provide the outcomes you need.

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Bespoke Agile delivery services

We provide a wealth of experience across both public and private sectors, with over 1000 projects successfully delivered, and a talent-pool of over 3000+ trusted consultants. We use best in class methodologies, innovative best practices, and industry leading experts to ensure each project delivers the benefits our clients need. 

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We add value

We add value from day one, our knowledgeable Delivery teams help plan and scope work prior to contract, and remain engaged through to completion, enabling confident and assured delivery of outcomes. We also have the credibility and scale to attract and retain high quality experts cost effectively – passing savings to our clients. 

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People, tech, process

Our unique blend of people, tech and process uniquely positions us to be agile and adaptive to any challenge. We utilise best practice, proactively source and maintain a talent pool of over 3,000+ consultants and have a wealth of experience and clients in the digital landscape. Whatever your project, we are here to help you deliver.

Work with the team that's right for you

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Expert consultants

With over 3000+ trusted consultants who have delivered complex programmes and projects across our client base, be sure you're working with leading industry experts

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Completely flexible

Bring on board talent in as little as 72 hours and scale up and scale down as your Agile project delivery requires. Be as Agile as you need

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Proactive sourcing

We pride ourselves on not only ensuring that your candidates have the right skills, knowledge, vetting and clearance if required, but that they are a cultural fit too!


Transfer risk

We take responsibility not only for the sourcing and onboarding of our consultants, but their deliverables too! Assure your project outcomes through our work package delivery service.

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Upskill your existing team

All of our work-packages have knowledge transfer and upskilling built into them as key deliverables. We ensure that your existing team has everything they need to realise the benefits of any Agile project we deliver.

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Seamless onboarding

Our PMO team manage everything for you, from ensuring our consultants come equipped, to managing the billing and reporting for you. We make it easy for you.

Choose your approach

Agile Project Delivery

Our agile approach to work package delivery offering gives you the flexibility and assurance to develop your projects using the right people, process and tools.


Resource Augmentation

Need to make sure you have the right skills and capabilities throughout the lifespan of your projects and programmes? At RPS we have over 3000+ consultants with the technical skills you need to get your project over the line.


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